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Deep Linking enables you to reach your users across all devices, and get multi-channel attribution insights using your own brand domain name.

Our team has experience working with some of the best companies worldwide.

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Why Deep Linking?

Deep Linking allows you to deliver the right experience to your users across different platforms and devices. This guarantees that both your mobile and desktop users are getting the right content for the right platform: Android, iOS, web browser, etc.


Your Links, Your Brand

No more gibberish domain names! Choose to empower your brand by using your own domain name for deep linking and avoid losing valuable traffic to Ad Blockers.

Marketing Attribution Insights

Get comprehensive insights on your marketing channels and campaigns across multiple devices and platform. Enable your team to understand what channels and marketing campaigns work the best for you.

Real-Time Logs

Keep an eye on your traffic and debug issues using our detailed logging tools. We send you relevant alerts to make sure you are not missing on leaving traffic out in the table.

Guaranteed To Survive

We guarantee a 99.99% uptime, and we pledge to never stop the service. You can download all your data anytime, and our team pledge to make our code Open Source in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

successfully Grow
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Good for Startups and for Makers 😉
$ 0 Monthly
  • 20K Redirections
  • Real-time Logs
  • Basic Analytics

Growing Startup

Good for Medium and Large Companies
Flexible Pricing
  • More than 20K Redirections
  • Custom Domain Names
  • Advanced Analytics

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